Bevagna Festival
Bevagna Festival
Derata Ceramics
Deruta Ceramics
Umbrian Salami
Umbrian Salami
Assissi Alfresco
Assisi Fresco
Many nearby villages and hamlets are famous for their local handicrafts, and for their artistic and architectural contributions to Medieval and Renaissance art. They also have charming festivals to celebrate their historical and agricultural events.

Here is a list of recommended locations that can be visited in a day:

Todi (10 km - medieval town, known for its antique fair in April)

Deruta (26 km - medieval town, famous ceramics center)

Montefalco (31 km - medieval town, home of Sagrantino wine)

Orvieto (37 km - medieval town famous for its cathedral and its frescos)

Spoleto (42 km - medieval town, where the performing arts festival known as Festival of the two Worlds is held every year in June/July)

Perugia (44 km - medieval city, host of Umbria Jazz Festival each summer)

Assisi (58 km - medieval town, designated as a World Heritage by UNESCO, hometown of Saint Francis)

Gubbio (80 km - medieval town, known for its splendid architecture)

For other locations that can be reached for a day’s visit, see the Map and Directions page.